Review: The Present

How I come across with this book?

There was a sale on Liberty, the days when I was trying to explore some great non-fiction reads that would help me to learn more about balancing my personal and professional life. So while searching, I found this book and the writer was one of the famous writer Dr. Spencer Johnson, and without a second thought I decided to buy it.


This book is written like a fiction. It tells you a story of an old man and a kid who wanted happiness. A kid who wanna be happy with whatever he does. The kids grows up to a man and found his life miserable as he is unable to concentrate in his work. His work and personal life are a constant battle and he has no way out. This constant battle leaves him with nothing but frustration and fatigue. The old man tells him about The Present. The present that brings all the happiness and to virtue to those who discovers it. So, we discover along with the journey of the man, the different aspect of lives and how should we deal with them. I really enjoyed the book as it is not much longer and takes only an hour to finish. I would definitely recommend this book to people who want to bring some positive changes in their lives and turn out the negativity.


Review: The Girl of Nightmares

So, it’s the sequel of the book Anna Dressed in Blood. This book continues after six months of what had happened at Anna’s home. Please beware if you haven’t read Anna Dressed in Blood then this review may contain spoiler for the book.

Cassio is trying to be normal as other people may say it. But all he’s getting are Anna’s hallucinations. He saw her tortured and this is just not the place he ever wanted her to be at. All of his friends and family is trying to compel him to let her go and that it’s nothing but his nightmares. But deep inside, Casio knows that Anna needs help. With the help of his friend Thomas he decides to call Anna from wherever she is and to get to know what’s happening to her. And the greatest truth is revealed. In this book, I explored more about the history of athame. There was much more about where it belonged and who actually Cas is. What purpose and what people he serves and how they are not very happy with the choices he is making. The exploration is getting wilder and so does Carmel is questioning her priorities and decisions for her life. A horror novel with a perfect friendship melodrama is what you will be having here.

The end made me cry. I really don’t wanna ruin this book for you but I cried during all that fight and adventure in hell. But it was totally worth it. I loved the overall book, however, it was more suspense then horror for me I guess. But this book is definitely a worth read.

Review: Anna Dressed in Blood

How did I find the book?

Well, I don’t exactly remember my first encounter with the book but I guess it was over Goodreads as I love to explore books and those days I was searching for some good horror books. So there I found a book with a cover that was just so amazing to avoid. The synopsis was enough to let me decide that one day I am going to read this book. And finally I get my hands on this book and started reading it. One thing that I would definitely mention that it was during this book that I only got time to read was at night and that was definitely hell because everybody got to sleep and there I was, reading this horror thing and yes I was afraid as hell LOL.


This book is about a ghost buster who hates to be called that because he is just a teen with an athame inherited from his father. Like his father he sends the ghosts away from where they belong. And where exactly they belong? He definitely had no idea about it. He got to know about a ghost named Anna and her haunted house and voila! New mission on the way. But this time it’s different. Why? Because Anna doesn’t kill him. Instead she let him go time and again. But Casio keeps on coming for her. There he and his two friends find more about Anna, a bitter truth about her death. But there’s something more! Somebody is following Cas from dark. And there is only one way to save himself and his family. Things are sentimental too as Cas started feeling something for Anna. Will he able to save them all? Well, that’s the true question indeed!

Pieces I adore

One character I definitely adore throughout the book was Thomas, Cas’ friend. I love his weird and nerdy ways and telepathic abilities that made Cas to shut his mind up in the cage or somewhere. The growing friendship bond between the trio Cas, Carmel and Thomas was really great and I loved their overall chemistry. For me this book deserves 3.5 Stars and I would definitely suggest you guys to read it at your earliest!

Review: A Court of Wings and Ruin

The last piece or shall I say master piece in the series is A Court of Wings and Ruins. A final call for everyone to either fight or run away. But there is no run away. This review may contains spoilers from the previous two books so if you haven’t read them yet, I would recommend not to continue.

The story begin from where it was left. Nesta and Elain were forcedly made Fae through Caldron. The trauma and terror has silenced Elain and added more coldness to Nesta. Feyre was left with no other option than to pretend. Pretend that Rhys has captured her mind. She was not herself when she made that bond with him. She doesn’t want to live with him and return back to Tamlin.

The story begins when Feyre plans to ruin every inch of Spring Court as Tamlin was the responsible to what happened to her sisters. She decided to turn his people against him. So many troubles, so many hurdles yet she succeed and return to Rhys. And there they start negotiating with all the other courts to help them in fighting the upcoming battle. Hybern and his army is no small troop that they could handle all by themselves. Meetings are done, bargains are made. Alliances are made. But to defeat the Caldron itself, is a thing that no one knows. The only answer is hidden in the book that Amren is decoding. But what if Amren is decoding the book for her own purposes? Will she remains loyal to the inner circle and to Rhys? This is what I don’t wanna tell you people to explore the story by yourself.

I literally loved how the story flourished. The beauty of the book was the peace within and war outside. The relationships that held you so strong. The characters that become so vibrant and alive. I enjoyed the encounters of Nesta and Cassian and how they are getting more and closer. Lucien, on the other hand, is a mate of Elain who is still in love with his mortal love. The tension, the jealousy that is ripping him in so many pieces and now he can understand what Rhys was going through at the time. After reading the whole novel, I wanted to know more of Tamlin’s POV. I wanted to know what on earth he was thinking when he was in that meeting! And after all that why he even come in the end. There are so many things that I am curious about. I loved how Rhys and his inner circle do each n everything in their power to protect Velaris and Prythein. I am literally in love with all equally, but more with Rhys because you know he is the most handsome high lord 😀 I would recommend you all to go and read this series right now if you haven’t. You won’t regret it.

Just Another Citizen: R is to Respect

Hello fellas! It’s been a long time when I have written again with the same prompt where I try to raise my voice regarding different social issues and not just highlight them but try to provide a solution or two so that we don’t have to just worry for the problem but implement the solution.

I have encountered this problem every now and then, though it seems so innocent that no one even notices. That is how we deal with the people who are less privileged or let’s say that they somehow assist in doing our daily chores. Here I am talking about the drivers, house maids, waiters and many others to example. Observing my surroundings, I have seen many people misbehaving with such people who are there to serve you and not your anguish. They are here to do their job just as one of us go to office, or their working place and perform our duties. Our moral behavior went so down that sometimes we don’t refrain from considering them lesser human.

The problem is so diluted in our system that we don’t feel it anymore. We misbehave, without acknowledging the age because he is someone working under us. I have seen so many younger kids abusing and scolding their drivers as they are I don’t know what term to use here. And not just kids even the elders among us behaves like if they are paying to someone for their services they have also bought the right to humiliate and insult them.

Respect is a basic human right! And people who called themselves so called educated must recall some of their moral and ethical values. Being a servant or assist you is not an insult but a part of their job and we must respect that they are doing hard work and not merely sitting or begging.

The solution? Start learning to respect. Start counting and treating them as human. Don’t wait for someone else to start but be the one to take the initiative and forget what the rest of the world has word about it. The peon in your office also has family. He is a superhero for his daughter no matter what. Smile for them, pay regards to them. They are not lesser human than us. A mere gesture of gratitude towards what the services they offer won’t cost you anything but for the other side it would be a great impact on someone’s overall outlook to the world.

Lecture enough?? But I hope being a reader you can feel the words of mine. Start from your own self and bring the change within.

Review: A Court of Mist and Fury

After reading ACOTAR, I was unable to read anything but the next book in the series. I wanted to know what is awaiting for Feyre in the coming future, what would be the next step of Rhys after having the bargain between him and Feyre. So, these all question among many other. I enter into the world of Prythein once again to find the answers. I would warn people to read ACOTAR before reading this review because there would be some spoilers from the previous book.

The story begins from where it left. After killing Amarantha, the aftermaths are still lingering in the form of nightmares that made Feyre puke whole nights long. She was getting weaker and weaker with every day passing, but unfortunately she had none to talk about it as Tamlin is struggling the same. There is a deep silence between the two who thrive hard to be together and now let with nothing but void. Tamlin’s behavior is what making situation worst. He didn’t allow Feyre to do anything besides sitting home and enjoy herself. Being Feyre, this is not she is born for! And now after being a Fae, one of their kind, the curiosity is now at a peak. There comes wedding that makes thing worst as Feyre is nowhere near ready to get married after all she suffered and there devils come without a warning just before the wedding, Rhysand. For the sake of bargain, Feyre had no choice but to go with him.

There Feyre explores about what it is being at Night Court. The first task assigned by Rhysand to Feyre is to learn reading and writing… The lessons are pathetic (for Feyre) as she has to keep writing sentences like Rhysand is the male every female ever dreamed of. Rhysand is the most handsome high lord. And with no option left, Feyre did it.

Each visit back to Spring Court is getting worst, and the dead end came when Tamlin locked Feyre in the home. Mor, Rhysand’s cousin took her from there and a new story begins as Feyre wants to learn to unleash her powers and stay at Night Court.

The story then shows the power Feyre is to unleash, the truth that lies underneath. The wicked Rhysand, High lord of Night Court, has kept a lot of secrets from Feyre that would be exposed one by one as the book progress. There are threats, there are risks, but there is family, there are friends who are to be saved and cherished.

I love the book to the core! The building relationship between Rhys and Feyre is what was expected as she abandoned Spring Court. I got to know more about Rhys in the book that I utterly loved and devoured because yes, Rhysand is the most handsome High Lord of history! My most favorite scene from the book is a spoiler so read further at your own risk. I loved when Feyre got to know that Rhys is her mate, the reaction and how she got herself locked in the cottage and the whole thing to digest of Rhys being her mate. I loved how Rhys sent her small notes that disappear. The chuckles and laughter she could listen through the bond. The way Feyre sooth Rhys when he had a nightmare about Amarantha. They share their happiness, they share their pain, and they share their minds and soul. A bond so strong that no matter what can never be broken.

“To the stars who listen, to the dreams that are answered”

Review: A Court of Thorns and Roses

How did I find the book?

Thanks to my bookstagram family who kept asking me reading this book. Recently I have joined a Facebook group of fandom for the series and I was just so obsessed by the book that I have no other way but to read and find out myself! Special thanks to my friends Anum and Mahnoor who kept on asking me to read it as soon as possible so that they don’t blurt out any spoiler in front of me as they have ruined Heartless 😀


As many of the people suggest it is a retelling of beauty and the beast, I could find the glimpse as a girl who was being taken away to follow the treaty or face the consequences otherwise by a beast. Feyre, the heart of Tamlin who has got her feet in the court of Spring and despite of all the odds fall in love with him

But there’s a curse, a curse to be broken. A curse that has spelled by Amarantha, a woman of brutality and cruelty as her pet. Let Feyre accept her love in front of Tamlin and the curse would be broke. But fate has planned something else, as Tamlin sent her back to her land of mortals. And soon she realized that Tamlin needs her.

An interesting yet cunning character, Rhysand, high lord of Night court is what being played by Amarantha as her puppet. The encounter of Feyre and Rhysand are not good enough and there she found him at the Amarantha’s palace where Amarantha made a bargain to fulfill three of her tasks. I’m definitely not going to tell if she was able to break the curse and find Tamlin but it was an adorable read definitely

Pieces I adored:

I loved when Tamlin brought her to the river and they swam around it. I loved when Feyre learnt about the history of Lucien and how easily they become friends. The horrors of Under the Mountain were so devastating but the music that brought a bit of hope to Feyre somehow. The courage, determination and stubbornness even on the face of death shown by Feyre was commendable. The cunning character of Rhysand and how he bet on Feyre that she would win the first round was somehow interesting. The bond, the bargain they made to save Feyre from death. I loved the tattoo that kept on looking at Feyre, seems to be a sort of spy set by Rhysand? We’ll definitely find out in the next book.