Movie Review: Cake

I am not a great fan of Pakistani movies yet. So, I wasn’t sure if I am willing to watch this new movie “Cake”. Since I really like Amna Sheikh and Sanam Saeed, I was not sure if to miss this movie or not. Last week, I went to watch this movie and let me tell you all, I wasn’t disappointed at all.

The story of this movie revolves around a family who actually belonged to a remote area of Sind but now settled in Karachi. Amna Sheikh is the middle child with an elder brother and a younger sister Sanam Saeed. All are happy and busy with their lives. The family is happy family as you see from far away, but the broken reflections are more visible as you get deep down.

This story reflects the bonds of the family where there are problems but the problems are not big enough to leave each other. There are fights but through these fights you will find the purest love. There are lies, but the only lies that are being told are to keep your loved ones safe.

I just loved how this movie delicately showed each relation and their individuality. The relationship of father and daughter, husband and wife and that of siblings.

There is no masala, no action in the movie, so the people who just watch movies for Bollywood tarka would find this movie nothing but boring. Yet you will laugh when they laugh, you will cry when they cry. You will want to bang their head in the wall for their wrong doings, but you can’t stop loving them.

This movie brought hope for Pakistani cinema, as I now hope to see something creative from Pakistani movies that can bring pure pleasure without exaggeration. I would wish best of luck to the whole team of Cake as this was really one of the best movies I have watched.


Review: Karakoram ka Taaj Mehal

So, I am the biggest fan of Nemrah Ahmed after reading Jannat kay pattay. I came across her book “Mus’haf” and it was equally remarkable. Then I decided to go for “Karakoram ka taaj mehal”

Initially I was in a bit confusion if I would like this book or not but so many of my Urdu lover friends asked me to read it so I decided to give it a try. Thanks buddies, it was definitely a wonderful journey.

The book is about a girl who has passion for mount climbing and she went for a trip with her cousin. She is already engaged with his cousin whom she doesn’t like much but yet she has to marry him just for her father’s sake. And as it happens, she finds someone in which she find her true love. A love that met her only for some days. She has never wanted this.

This story revolves around the mountains of Karakoram that are dangerous yet beautiful. A story of two mountain climbers who fall in love with each other during this journey. Who fought side by side the war of survival.

I really loved how Nemrah has told this story in such a mesmerizing way. Keeping it simple yet interesting, she really put in all the knowledge and information about mountain climbing, the area and its locality etc. I would definitely recommend this beautiful novel to everyone who believes in Love and Urdu.

Review: Made You Up

How did I find this book?

I got introduced to this writer through the book “Eliza and her monsters”. It was all over the internet! After reading Eliza and her monsters, I wanted to read more of this writer. Then I got to know about “Made You Up” which is actually a debut by the author so here we go!


Okay so I may not be wrong to say it was the craziest journey. Yeah, you heard me right. It was the craziest one. Alex, who is suffering from schizophrenia, is the lead character who is telling her struggle between reality and imagination. There are things she knows has the possibility she made them up, but exactly how many are there she had no idea about it. She gets to a new school, trying making new friends, trying to act and be normal. This is all she wants! to be normal like everyone else, to only see what majority of the people see. But that’s definitely not the case. So, in between these happening, Alex finds out something bad may be happening in her school’s premises but she is afraid that this is again she is imagining.

She with her friends, is ready to save her school from whatever is going to happen. Or maybe there is nothing happening at all.  You will get to know once you read the whole story yourself. And how can I forget about Blue Eyes ! you will come to know about him once you are into it

Pieces I adored:

I really really loved the whole concept. It was far different from whatever YA I have read so far. A very basic girl with some basic problems and yes some not so basic problems. The characters despite their weaknesses, knew how to cover them up. Despite the trouble they made, they live up to it. I am in love with Alex and Miles. The idea of them together was just like two pieces of jigsaw puzzles finally found their way to each other. I would definitely recommend this book to everyone who loves to read some fun YA along with the mental illness.. yes they are real!!

Movie Review: Black Panther

This is first time ever that I actually planned to write a review for a movie. So, I excuse for not having that much in depth analysis that you guys might expect (I am worst at all those techy terminologies like VFX and stuff).

So, yesterday I and my friend made a sudden plan to watch a movie and the movie available at that time was Black Panther. Since I have never watched any DC or Marvel movie (do not kill me!) I had no idea what it is all about. So we decided to check it out. We got the tickets and went in and let me tell you all it was the best experience of my life!


So this story is a bit same as all the other superhero movies. A king who has to save his nation from a villain who is here to claim the throne. The powers of Black Panther are bestowed upon the one who is the heir of the throne. The point of conflict is between the ideologies of the villain and the king that the metal their country possess “Vibranium” should only be used for the security purpose of their country. On the contrary the villain wants to conquer the world using the powers of the very metal. The conflict arises and the villain challenges the king to decide the heir of throne. The king somehow loses and the nasty villain got the throne and there we would like to check if the original Black Panther aka the king is able to save his country and people.

Wow Factors:

Fights!! I just loved the action scenes the most in the movie. And more than that I just loved the fact how the females (including the General and Nakia etc.) were truly born fighters! Hail to all the females in the movie.

“Did he froze?”

This dialogue was definitely amazing! I am not going to tell the exact context but I just laughed out loud on this one!

Relations, this was definitely a worthy factor to watch the movie. The bond between family members so strong. The relationship of a brother and sister so quirky yet so strong that no matter what they stick together. A mother who is also a queen has duties along with the love for his one and only dearest son! The emotions are definitely flowing

Overall, this movie is must watch for all the fans who actually watch Marvel movies and they can definitely give a better review. But you can still watch the movie with same interest and love it in the same way as I am also not a follower of Marvel. Do share your views for the movie and the review!


Review: Red Winter

How did I find this book?

I came across this book when I started reading Steel and Stone series and I was exploring more books by Annette Marie. I read a bit about the series and I wasn’t sure if I would be able to digest Japanese mythology this much (never tried manga and other Japanese stuff, don’t kill me please!). So, I didn’t bother reading it. Then during my travel I started reading Night realm series, and after finishing book 2 I was still not satiated and wanted more of Annette Marie, so I decided to take risk and start reading Red Winter trilogy.


So the story is about Emi who is a kamigakari, a vessel for the goddess. Emi is so happy with the thought of being able to fulfill the noble cause of being kamigakari, but little did she knew the truth that lies underneath. The truth reveals quite later when there were only few months for the goddess to descend. She is torn between her will and her duty and in this unstable state of mind she makes a mistake of freeing a horse for a ride. Things got to change and she met a yokai, Shiro, a naughty fox who was cursed. And sooner Shiro got to know that Emi could be the one who can free him from the curse. They made a bargain, Emi would free him from the curse if and only if Shiro would help him to find some other vessels of god or goddesses to know the ultimate truth of being kamigakari.

Pieces I adored:

I am just in love with the writings of Annette. She just know how to keep the attention of reader. This was really a fast pace as her other books. I didn’t know I would be so indulged regardless of all the Japanese mythologies and terminologies. The writer definitely did the justice with the characters and focused on each and every single character. The detailed character sketch of each character and a bit of their history was revealed so that reader can make context of their presence in the novel. Over all this novel surely got 5 star rating because this is just so good.

Review: Furiously Happy

How did I find this book?

I exactly don’t remember how I found out about this book, but I guess it appears somewhere on Goodreads on Instagram. I really liked that this book is about mental illness and its first non-fiction on this topic that I would read so I wanted something more cool to read. And this book definitely was one of kind.


This book is about the author and her facing different sort of mental illness. She simply wrote about how it is to be in a phase where you can understand nothing and then transitioning back to the state of conscience where you realize you never wanted to be there ever, but deep inside you know it’s not possible. This is an ultimate travel you will be having once in a while. A journey that shook us to our core. I was truly in love with the way she mentioned about her situations and how she just confidently can say out loud that yes I have depression, I have anxiety just like somebody may have nay stomach issue or an upset kidney.

The more we make taboo to talk about mental health the more it is hard for people suffering with one. Being in this radar, I can understand how difficult it is to accept it in front of people and further to take all the nonsense of people commenting it as a stunt of gaining attention!

Things I adore:

This book will not tell you how-to-get-rid-of-anxiety but this book would definitely soothe your mind to know that you are not alone! You are not alone in this battle with yourself. This battle that we daily have with our own selves. We need rescue from our own selves! People, around us can never understand the mental noises we hear every day that become from slow murmurs to loud cries. The headaches, trembling hands, the urge to just snap out of it, it is all what we go through daily or sometimes more than once a day.


This topic is so vast that I just don’t want to make this review a lot longer than usual. I loved this book from bottom of my heart. People who truly want to know how it feels with depression/anxiety and other mental illnesses and people who are going through this and want a comfort zone of understanding must read this book.

Review: The Shadow Weave

Well I am not going with my general way of writing blog as I have already introduced you all about how I found this series. So, after reading first book in the series, I was dying to read the next one. And here we go! I got the book and started it immediately. This review may have spoilers from the previous book so please enter at your own risk

So this book started exactly where the last one ended. We have found Clio and Lyre are out of the night realm that is Underworld but they are also not safe in the earth realm. They have to move to over world as soon as they can. They are being followed by reapers and Ash because Hades family and Lyre’s own family want him dead for leaving and betraying them. In this book, Clio and Lyre will find the way to over world without even knowing if they are welcome there or not. The roller coaster ride, the romance and the action remains constant as in all the other books by Annette. I loved how the fast pace story was and not even once I could get distracted or dragged. This book definitely got me off the hook. As the book progress towards the end, it was getting intense and then it ends! And then I came to realize that this series is incomplete and I just hate reading incomplete series. But here I am waiting anxiously for this amazing series to meet its end. The chemistry between Lyre and Clio was remarkable. The way the characters are developed and groomed throughout the series was really amazing. And the story telling is definitely at its best! So people who are following my blog and trust my recommendations must go out there and try this amazing fantasy that won’t let you calm down until you finish it to the very end.