Review: The Selection

How did I find this book?

Again, thanks to bookstagram, I found this book in several pictures over there and it’s totally a cover buy. I really loved the cover (and who will not??). So I first purchased two of its books but then I come to know the book I purchased is not the first in series. Poor me, then I got chance to purchase the first book. This book again has waited long time on my TBR list and finally I decided to pick it up.


So this book is about a girl who got invited in a reality show that she was least interested because the winning price is the Prince himself. Due to an absolute pressure from her family, America decided to participate in the show but her heart is with Aspen whom she loved secretly for almost two years. Things get changed and Aspen broke up with America some days before her selection in the show. The story continues as America goes to the palace and she met the prince.

Things I adore about the book:

I liked America as she is an intelligent person and not an emotional fool. She is not among those who are drooling over crown or prince himself. Since the story is continued in the next book, the ending does not satisfy me but I really respect the decision made by America by the end of book. Overall, I liked the writing of Kiera Cass (this is my first book by her).


Review: Twenties Girl

How did I find this book?

It’s been more than a year when I officially started reading English literature and I mostly relied on recommendations by my bookish friends. This writer was recommended to me and the only book I got that time was “Twenties Girls”. This book has waited on my TBR list for way longer and since I was going through some difficult time in my life, I decided to give this light read a chance. And guess what, I wasn’t disappointed at all. 🙂


So, I started this book with a character named Lara Lington whose uncle is the owner of famous Lington Coffee chain. Lara is struggling with her recently set business that she was in partnership with her best friend who went to India and didn’t bother to get back. Her relationship with her boyfriend is just ended up and now she has to attend funeral of her great aunt Sadie, she knows nothing about. But what’s the deal of reading a book when things don’t turn up, right? So here, Lara is attending the funeral of her great aunt Sadie and there Lara can see the ghost of her great aunt Sadie that’s in her early twenties and all she wants is her necklace.

Lara is the only one who can see and talk to her. Sadie is such a fun loving person who makes Lara’s life a roller coaster ride. Once Lara is upset with Sadie and the next moment she is bursting into laughter. The journey can only be over once Sadie found her necklace. But it’s not that easy as it may seems. In this whole journey, Lara learnt a lot about her great aunt (some secrets too) and of course how can she not learn twenties fashion when her own aunt is fashion diva!

Things I adored:

I just love love love how Sophie wrote this book. Light hearted, fun, sarcasm, and what not. I was so excited reading it that I finished this book within two days (well that’s fastest I can go with all my hectic routine). Sophie Kinsella’s has some great wit I must say! The spot on jokes yet the bonding of relationships remain there. The story of friendship between Lara and Sadie is one in a million that I guess I can never forget! After reading this book I quickly ordered “My not so perfect Life” and I am reading it these days 🙂 Dear Sophie, if you are reading this, I am head over heels in love with your books.

Review: The Hating Game

How did I find the book?

I don’t exactly remember, but I guess I was hunting on goodreads when I come across the book and I really liked the synopsis. Two people who hate from the core, fall in love. So, I decided to give this book a try. And guess what, I wasn’t disappointed!


So this book is about Joshua Templeman and Lucy Hutton and their forever going fight at B&G Publishing House. They both sit at the same office and hate each other at the same extent. They may keep on hating each other like forever, but here comes an opportunity to be a boss of another. Voila! What a chance for the one who becomes a boss, but what a shame for the one who lose this final game! Strategies are planned. Sweet Lucy against rough n tough Joshua Templeman who has strict rules and patterns in almost everything, like Lucy can always guess his shirt he is going to wear the very next day. Does Lucy stand a chance against Joshua?

But where comes the romance part?? Right? Is that another strategy of Joshua Templeman, or he is not able to resist the shortcake! You’ll definitely find out when you have this strawberrilicious read.

Pieces I adored:

Okay, so the hating game is high, but so is the romance. I love the tiny bit detailing about the characters, how they are particular in each and everything and how their lives revolves unintentionally around each other! The way things suddenly changed between them and how the things start to affecting their job. I specifically loved the piece where Lucy got so sick for a whole weekend. And the other part is a kind of spoiler so I would refrain mentioning it but for a subtle hint. It occurs at a breakfast and Lucy got so furious! You better find out after reading the book. So I would rate this book 4 stars. It was definitely a playful and enjoyable read!

Review: The Secret

How did I find this book?

My first introduction with the book was when I was watching a Bollywood movie and the main character was giving reference to the book and she believed on every single word written in it. I soon forget about the book though the concept inspired me. Then, a few weeks back, one of my colleague was holding another part of the series and I suddenly recalled that I have heard about this book and I definitely have to read it now.


The days when I started reading this book were the days when I was going through some really serious depression and my health was getting badly affected as well. I started reading the book, initially I found it too repetitive. But then I tried to focus on the message the book wanted to deliver. The Secret it holds is definitely worth reading. The negativity with which I have surrounded myself, I decided to pull myself out of it. Thanks to this book, it really helped to get out of my depression. Although, I am not completely out of it but truly it helped. The idea behind the book is to stop bringing negative vibes and to focus on positive in the life. I would recommend this book to all the people who really are struggling with their lives and want to get rid of all the negativity around them. But again, it’s in one own hands to decide, let go and move on. But do take inspiration from the book.

Review: Laa Hasil

How did I find this book?

I am a great fan of Umera Ahmed as her writings have always inspired me. I want to read all of her books. Recently I have read Aab-e-Hayat, and I also have read Haasil written by her. So this book was residing on my shelf more than a year and finally I got time to read this book to bring myself out of stress.


So this was a one sitting book for me. I finished it in almost 4 hours as I started it late night at 12 and finished at about 3:40 a.m. This book is all about your faith and believe. The tests you are being put into are to examine your patience, your devotion and to enhance your iman. This book demonstrated how we keep on running for something that’s just so far away from us and never meant to be for us. But we ran after it without thinking. But sooner we get it, we lost all our interest. This book teaches us how our lives should be balanced between our wishes and realities. How these two things should never overwhelm us. Patience, devotion and sacrifice is what matters to sustain balance in our lives and relations and selfishness can never achieve us any good.

This book covers many aspects of life that we somehow never mention as they are just mere coincidence for us. But, there is nothing as coincidence, everything is planned and it got planned according to our acts and deeds. This is where we need to look out our actions.

I would rate this book 4 stars as it definitely provide me a new perspective to look at things. It helped me from coming out of my depression phase and urged me to look at the positive side when I actually don’t want to look at it.

Review: Our Dark Duet

How did I find this book?

When This Savage Song was released, I was just mesmerized by its cover. LOL, yeah I have a guilty pleasure of judging books by their covers. Being on my TBR list like for a year, I come to know that there’s a sequel of the book that is now released. And one I took a look at the sequel, I knew that instant that I have to read the series by hook or by crook.


This journey may contain spoilers for book 1 i.e. This Savage Song so proceed if and only if you have read the book 1. As the journey of August and Kate ended and they got separated, Kate began her new life in a new town with a new name and a new Job. She started to realize that this new town is also infected by monsters and she found her new goal to kill these monsters. She found a new group of people to hang out with. Friends? Yeah we can say they were more than acquaintances. August has his own motives that kept him moving. Sloan is back along with Alice, a monster created after Kate’s sin. The city is facing a great destruction. Kate never wanted to come back to Verity. But, destiny has some different plans for her. She come across a monster that was nothing like she ever faced. A monster that fed on violence. A monster who found an ultimate pleasure of violence through Kate’s thoughts, none other than Verity itself. Kate has now two options: either let the monster go and let it do whatever it wants, or try to stop it. She took second option as she has also got infected with the monster and might turn herself into an ultimate violence. Verity, where she never wanted to come back is now her only place for the rescue. But she doesn’t know that Sloan is back, that Alice wanted her blood just as Sloan has thirst for her blood.

The ultimate battle is what to be look for in the book. The battle between white and black and the gray in between. A gray that a Sunai is not aware of. They only see in black and white. We will see if they come across how to deal with the gray, as human are the most complex machinery in the world who have so many grays in their lives.

Pieces I adored:

I loved the book as a package. I like the induction of new characters such as Alice. Though she was particularly as bad as Sloan but it was fun to read her. I loved the way Kate behaved throughout the novel. The only earth shaken thing were the deaths I definitely was not anticipating. I am not going to mention who died but yeah, there were death. And I cried, I cried a lot while reading those lines. However, this book deserve a five star rating as I love it to bits and pieces.

Review: This Savage Song

How Did I Find This Book?

Again, thanks to the bookstagram community that made me fall in love with this book. I have seen so many amazing pictures featuring this book and then I read the synopsis that sounded so promising that I had to read this book. And then, I and my one of bookstagram friend decided to buddy read it. Though she finished much earlier than me, but this book was definitely worth my time.


So I started reading this book and oh my! This book grabbed my attention very quickly and I was just amazed to read the book. I loved the main characters and enjoyed their journey along with them. Kate, who is once a little innocent child, has now had to prove to her father that she is able to stay in Verity. The monsters living within the north under his father’s control are Malchai and Corsai. The third type, Sunai, is not under the influence of his father but Flynn and decided to live in South. The truce to not cross the borders seems to get weaken with every passing day. August, a Sunai, is sent on a mission to keep an eye on Kate and there they got acquainted. But will Kate come to know that August is nothing but a monster and is here to keep an eye on her? And will August be able to help his side of people or will he discover something more than that. You guys must read the book to find the answers.

Pieces I adored

One thing that I adore the most was the poem which is definitely awesome:

Sunai, Sunai, eyes like coal

Sing a song and steal your soal…

I literally fascinated the way this whole theory of stealing soul using music was presented in the story. I liked the idea of Kate playing game, “Where are you at the moment?” the game she played when she was stuck in some situation she would rather not wanna be. The chemistry between August and Kate, the love hate relationship they went through for the sake of survival is something I adored. I loved how strong and determined Kate is. I am definitely not liking damsel in distress sort of characters, so she was definitely worth reading. I would love to give 4 out of 5 stars to the book as I honestly enjoyed it through out.