Review: The Selection

How did I find this book?

Again, thanks to bookstagram, I found this book in several pictures over there and it’s totally a cover buy. I really loved the cover (and who will not??). So I first purchased two of its books but then I come to know the book I purchased is not the first in series. Poor me, then I got chance to purchase the first book. This book again has waited long time on my TBR list and finally I decided to pick it up.


So this book is about a girl who got invited in a reality show that she was least interested because the winning price is the Prince himself. Due to an absolute pressure from her family, America decided to participate in the show but her heart is with Aspen whom she loved secretly for almost two years. Things get changed and Aspen broke up with America some days before her selection in the show. The story continues as America goes to the palace and she met the prince.

Things I adore about the book:

I liked America as she is an intelligent person and not an emotional fool. She is not among those who are drooling over crown or prince himself. Since the story is continued in the next book, the ending does not satisfy me but I really respect the decision made by America by the end of book. Overall, I liked the writing of Kiera Cass (this is my first book by her).