Review: Twenties Girl

How did I find this book?

It’s been more than a year when I officially started reading English literature and I mostly relied on recommendations by my bookish friends. This writer was recommended to me and the only book I got that time was “Twenties Girls”. This book has waited on my TBR list for way longer and since I was going through some difficult time in my life, I decided to give this light read a chance. And guess what, I wasn’t disappointed at all. 🙂


So, I started this book with a character named Lara Lington whose uncle is the owner of famous Lington Coffee chain. Lara is struggling with her recently set business that she was in partnership with her best friend who went to India and didn’t bother to get back. Her relationship with her boyfriend is just ended up and now she has to attend funeral of her great aunt Sadie, she knows nothing about. But what’s the deal of reading a book when things don’t turn up, right? So here, Lara is attending the funeral of her great aunt Sadie and there Lara can see the ghost of her great aunt Sadie that’s in her early twenties and all she wants is her necklace.

Lara is the only one who can see and talk to her. Sadie is such a fun loving person who makes Lara’s life a roller coaster ride. Once Lara is upset with Sadie and the next moment she is bursting into laughter. The journey can only be over once Sadie found her necklace. But it’s not that easy as it may seems. In this whole journey, Lara learnt a lot about her great aunt (some secrets too) and of course how can she not learn twenties fashion when her own aunt is fashion diva!

Things I adored:

I just love love love how Sophie wrote this book. Light hearted, fun, sarcasm, and what not. I was so excited reading it that I finished this book within two days (well that’s fastest I can go with all my hectic routine). Sophie Kinsella’s has some great wit I must say! The spot on jokes yet the bonding of relationships remain there. The story of friendship between Lara and Sadie is one in a million that I guess I can never forget! After reading this book I quickly ordered “My not so perfect Life” and I am reading it these days 🙂 Dear Sophie, if you are reading this, I am head over heels in love with your books.