Review: The Girl of Nightmares

So, it’s the sequel of the book Anna Dressed in Blood. This book continues after six months of what had happened at Anna’s home. Please beware if you haven’t read Anna Dressed in Blood then this review may contain spoiler for the book.

Cassio is trying to be normal as other people may say it. But all he’s getting are Anna’s hallucinations. He saw her tortured and this is just not the place he ever wanted her to be at. All of his friends and family is trying to compel him to let her go and that it’s nothing but his nightmares. But deep inside, Casio knows that Anna needs help. With the help of his friend Thomas he decides to call Anna from wherever she is and to get to know what’s happening to her. And the greatest truth is revealed. In this book, I explored more about the history of athame. There was much more about where it belonged and who actually Cas is. What purpose and what people he serves and how they are not very happy with the choices he is making. The exploration is getting wilder and so does Carmel is questioning her priorities and decisions for her life. A horror novel with a perfect friendship melodrama is what you will be having here.

The end made me cry. I really don’t wanna ruin this book for you but I cried during all that fight and adventure in hell. But it was totally worth it. I loved the overall book, however, it was more suspense then horror for me I guess. But this book is definitely a worth read.


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