Review: Heartless

How did I find this book?

A book that I chose based on its cover! I loved that black and red cover that filled my insta feed. I didn’t know anything about the book until I asked my bookstagram friends about this book. They told me that you definitely going to love it. I got this book on my birthday as a gift, unfortunately that black cover was not available. But I was so enthusiast to read and finish this book that I grabbed it after finishing the book I was reading and start devouring the pleasures this book had for me.


This book approximately took 20 days to be completed. Yeah, it’s too long for such a book but I didn’t want to hurry and I was actually having a really short time for reading due to my commitments at office. Anyhow, this book was what I expect it to be. A total heartbreak! A woman who once adored simple things actually become heartless and the heart wrenching journey that shook me to my core. I was carried out by Jest. Oh how much I adore him, though he did everything to save Catherine, oh I mean Your Majesty! But the righteous things don’t often come from heart, do they? One mistake that shattered everyone. One wrong decision that took away everything and made her the Queen of Hearts or shall I say the Queen of Hearts with no heart at all…

Pieces I adored:

I love every single word of this book. It’s the first ever piece I read by Marissa Meyer and I just have no words for how she build the characters. It shows how each single one was flawed yet necessary to fulfill the destiny. It shows how small acts can bring up great and sometimes devastating changes in your life that you are not ready to accept yet you have to endure all the pain life has given you. Some cry, others become cold to it. They stop feeling and become heartless.


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