Review: Beauty and the Beast: Lost in a Book

How did I find this book?

I don’t exactly remember how I got introduced to this book but it was near the release of this book and it was through some bookish website I guess. Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite Disney movie and reading a retelling about the story was something I couldn’t wait for. But again I searched for this as soon as it got released but it wasn’t available here. So again, I went for Ebook. The cover of this book actually called me every time I saw the book in my bookstagram feed.


This book was definitely a quick read and I finished it almost in two to three days. I loved how the story was bound within the castle and how things were not turned upside down. The curious nature of Belle and her love for books was what prominent. The story began when Beast gifted Belle the library, and she just want to read every single book of it. But Belle found out an enchanted book within the library that was meant to read just by her. A book that wants her more than Belle wants to get rid of the castle. The beautiful world of the book is what Belle consider as a wonderful escape from her lifetime imprisonment at Beast’s castle. But is it literally an escape? Or should Belle actually think of one? This is where I leave you people to explore the book!

Pieces I adored:

I actually enjoyed the cute character of Chip as I can actually imagine him from the cartoon movie. I loved how the story began within the middle of the story as I didn’t know what exactly the story would be. I also loved the introduction of the two new characters in the book and how they had a great impact on the lives of Belle and Beast. These two characters were a sort of writers of the story of Belle and Beast. I won’t write the name here as its just sort of spoiler here I guess. I also liked the lesson taught in the book that we shouldn’t look for escapes from our problems but face them and find solution for them. The book was exciting, light read and fast paced. I would recommend this book to all the fans of retelling and beauty and the beast.


Review: Eliza and Her Monsters

How did I meet this book?

Well, thanks to my bookstagram community who keep on posting about all the latest books and stuff that I become easily obsessed with. I have seen this book in one of the reading club and it made me read its synopsis. The synopsis was definitely strong enough to make me drool over the book! So, there you go! Again, the book was not available in my region so I have to go for e-book.


The story begin with an extreme introvert named Eliza who is actually living two different lives. One online, the other offline. Her online life is full of happenings and she is the creator of one of the most famous comics online and everyone adores her. Whereas, her offline life is equally opposite as no one knows about her reality, she has no friends at school and she doesn’t have much interest in making one either. Things changes as Wallace approached her, a tall, broad shoulder guy who is too silent to be real! The story move along as the offline and online lives are no more secret! What would happen to Eliza and her top secret and how would Wallace takes it? Well, that’s your cup of tea to explore the book more 😉

Pieces I adore:

I really love the concept being depicted here. The life of teenagers these days, including myself, has been the same. We are busy in our online lives and making virtual friends and so many other things that we are left with no time for actual or real world. The difference that has created vacuum between two generations i.e. parents and kids. The struggle of a teenager shown here was actual real. We, being teenagers surrounded by technology are facing more troubles as our parents rarely understand or try to understand our side of story. I loved how the parents actually try to make everything good but unfortunately just good according to their own mindset. Parents want us good but their ways sometimes get wrong and this book depicts it well. I would rate this book 4 out of 5 stars as this book definitely entertained me yet covers some sensitive issues about the life of an introvert.

Review: Heartless

How did I find this book?

A book that I chose based on its cover! I loved that black and red cover that filled my insta feed. I didn’t know anything about the book until I asked my bookstagram friends about this book. They told me that you definitely going to love it. I got this book on my birthday as a gift, unfortunately that black cover was not available. But I was so enthusiast to read and finish this book that I grabbed it after finishing the book I was reading and start devouring the pleasures this book had for me.


This book approximately took 20 days to be completed. Yeah, it’s too long for such a book but I didn’t want to hurry and I was actually having a really short time for reading due to my commitments at office. Anyhow, this book was what I expect it to be. A total heartbreak! A woman who once adored simple things actually become heartless and the heart wrenching journey that shook me to my core. I was carried out by Jest. Oh how much I adore him, though he did everything to save Catherine, oh I mean Your Majesty! But the righteous things don’t often come from heart, do they? One mistake that shattered everyone. One wrong decision that took away everything and made her the Queen of Hearts or shall I say the Queen of Hearts with no heart at all…

Pieces I adored:

I love every single word of this book. It’s the first ever piece I read by Marissa Meyer and I just have no words for how she build the characters. It shows how each single one was flawed yet necessary to fulfill the destiny. It shows how small acts can bring up great and sometimes devastating changes in your life that you are not ready to accept yet you have to endure all the pain life has given you. Some cry, others become cold to it. They stop feeling and become heartless.

Review: Slammed

How I come across this book?

I have recently joined Instagram and it’s been a place from where I get to know more about books and writers. There was a day when I just kept on looking at a book in my newsfeed from every other account. That book was “It Ends with us” by Colleen Hoover. I have heard so much praise for her work that I started admiring her even though I haven’t read her work so far. Then I joined CoHorts group that’s official group by Colleen Hoover. From there, I came to find out more about her writings and I couldn’t resist reading Slammed Series.

The Journey…

Slammed is so much like an ordinary love story with some extraordinary things to be discussed about. This story revolves around a girl named Layken who has just lost her father and had to move to another city, a boy named Will Cooper who is everything Layken may ever wanted but a single twist that ruined their lives and they had to stay as much far from each other as possible. But how it would happen when they are neighbors. The story of emotions would keep you hooked until the very end.

Pieces I adored?

The thing I loved the most about the book was how beautifully poetry become the part of the whole story. Being a poet myself I truly love how the feelings just spill out at eleventh hour though it sometimes came in a form of “Mean”. The second thing I adore about the book was the characters were sensible, it wasn’t depicted as some teens who fell in love and they are getting mad at their parents for keeping them away, I love how they both stand to their responsibilities first and their heart later. The beauty and individuality of story reflects from those extreme emotional pieces recited in Slam and I have just fallen in love with Will Cooper’ poetry and oh, so with Colleen Hoover. I am definitely looking forward to read some other masterpieces by the author.