Review: Geekerella

Some book covers are so promising that you are happy you actually trusted your instinct. The same thing happened to me while selecting Geekerella by Ashley Poston. Since it was not available in paperback in my region, I decided to go for Ebook. This book was totally selected by its title and cover as I never read its synopsis neither reviews so I was hoping for the best. One more reason to read this book was its genre as it is retelling and I had never read any retelling before so I was more excited to read it.

This story is the retelling of Cinderella, but with the twist of fandom. Story of a girl who is the fan of a show called Starfield. The show that was loved by both of her parents and now she inherited that passion for show. After the demise of her mother, her father married again with a woman who already had twin daughters. After Elle’s father death, she is totally dependent on her step mother who is not much enthusiast about her upbringing.

Her only mission is to get to the con and participate in cosplay contest as it was her father’s dream for her. But, what about prince charming in Cinderella’s story? Well he is right there but I’m not gonna reveal how they met and what happened further!

The retelling+ fandom is a great combination as far as this book is concerned. I really enjoyed the fast paced story. The plot never got bored but keep me on the edge to find out more about the story. I really love this story and would definitely suggest this book to people who love retellings and some fangirling


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