Review: Midnight Sun, Novella


If you are not a Twilight fan! please stay very very far away from this review, as it is written by a total Twilight freak. Thank you for your cooperation 😉

So, as Twilight was the first series I ever read and owned, I have a very special place for this series in my heart despite all the negative comments about the series. Recently, I was exploring Liberty books as they had some great discount offers, I came across a novella named The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner and there I go blindly to purchase it. After that I searched Goodreads, and find out there is one more novella called Midnight Sun. I read the synopsis and I was so thrilled that it was written in Edward’s POV. I searched everywhere but couldn’t find the physical copy of it and therefore got to know that this novella is never published.

But I have to read it, so I downloaded the daft from Stephenie Meyer’s official website and started reading it. OMG!! it was something beyond that I expected. Since it is a draft, I wasn’t expecting much from it. But it was lke jigsaw pieces finally fell in place. And I had fallen in love with Edward al over again. The way, Edward is shown in this novella, as we can be in his head this time rather Bella, he is so concerned, so protective towards Bella. All the journey that seemed to miss something, is now completed after reading this amazing tin draft. Now, I wanted all the other parts n Edward’s POV. Literally, if anyone of you reading this, put a request to Stephenie Meyer to complete this novella and publish it. Twilight fans are going to love her even more for this.

I would definitely give 4 Edwards to this amazing novella.



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