Review: Unleash the Storm

So, finally, I have finished the last book in the series “Steel and Stone” by Annette Marie. This series was something you can say beyond awesome. In this last book, Ash and Piper are on their final mission to save the draconian from Asphodel somewhere out of reach of Samael. Piper found a lost city of draconian where a dragon attacked them and tried to force Ash to obey his command. Ash’s condition is getting worse after the attack. Piper is confused. And there they found out some more draconian who now after listening to everything happening with Ash, decided to kill him.

Survival is the basic instinct that runs in the daemon’s blood. The dragon has his own reasons that nobody knows. Ash is forced to go with the dragon and Piper has one last fair chance to save Ash from this destruction of his soul. She went to Overworld to find more about this dragon and ask Shinryu to stop his brother (sister of the dragon) Tenryu from making all this mess.

The final call came when the dragon decided to fight against Samael as he is the greatest threat to the magic in all the worlds. A final battle of survival between Reapers and draconian, a final knockout between Samael and Ash. Sahar is just another trouble that can be more damage than advantage to Piper. But there is a lot more that Sahar has done and how can she be saved!

This novel is just as rapid as thrilled as any other novel in the series. You won’t be able to put it down. Annette has created the world beautifully and the characters are developed amazingly. I was really shocked at all the revelation about Lyre’s character that cute incubus is hell more than what he may seem. Overall the book was just beyond awesome. I was expecting some grand ending for Ash n Piper like since she was dominated by water dragon and Ash by underworld dragon then there might have happened between them that could possibly be a union of Overworld and Underworld. Draconians could have gotten some great benefits from Ryujins and such things. But still, the book was so good that one can just couldn’t put it down!


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