Review: Reap The Shadows

Fast paced, and one of its kind series “Steel and Stone” has really caught me off guard. The fourth book in the series Reap the Shadows began the journey where Piper left Ash in overworld to heal and came back to earth to find Lyre and Seiya. She didn’t want Ash to track her anymore so she left her tracker in Overworld. The decision was tough but maybe she was left with no other choice after seeing Ash being stabbed because of her. She came to earth to find out that the situation is getting worse with each day. She tried to find out a hidden entrance to Ra embassy. Raum found Piper and handed over Keiv to her. Another daemon to protect! 

After Ash’s return, he was furious at Piper for leaving her behind without any sign of her. Together they rescue Lyre and Seiya. The tension between Piper and Ash was not hidden from Lyre.

Finally, Piper come up with the theory that Hades are somehow involved with Gaians and supporting them to build their way to earth and it must be stopped. Decisions are made, even thw rough and difficult ones! The tension between Ash and Piper seems to get resolved with each passing day.

I really enjoyed reading this whole book specifically. The chemistry, developing trust between Ash and Piper was just mind blowing! The character development, new secrets of Lyre made it too curious. I would suggest this book to everyone who loves fantasy and enjoy reading some fast paced action driven reads.


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