Review: Midnight Sun, Novella


If you are not a Twilight fan! please stay very very far away from this review, as it is written by a total Twilight freak. Thank you for your cooperation 😉

So, as Twilight was the first series I ever read and owned, I have a very special place for this series in my heart despite all the negative comments about the series. Recently, I was exploring Liberty books as they had some great discount offers, I came across a novella named The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner and there I go blindly to purchase it. After that I searched Goodreads, and find out there is one more novella called Midnight Sun. I read the synopsis and I was so thrilled that it was written in Edward’s POV. I searched everywhere but couldn’t find the physical copy of it and therefore got to know that this novella is never published.

But I have to read it, so I downloaded the daft from Stephenie Meyer’s official website and started reading it. OMG!! it was something beyond that I expected. Since it is a draft, I wasn’t expecting much from it. But it was lke jigsaw pieces finally fell in place. And I had fallen in love with Edward al over again. The way, Edward is shown in this novella, as we can be in his head this time rather Bella, he is so concerned, so protective towards Bella. All the journey that seemed to miss something, is now completed after reading this amazing tin draft. Now, I wanted all the other parts n Edward’s POV. Literally, if anyone of you reading this, put a request to Stephenie Meyer to complete this novella and publish it. Twilight fans are going to love her even more for this.

I would definitely give 4 Edwards to this amazing novella.



Review: Unleash the Storm

So, finally, I have finished the last book in the series “Steel and Stone” by Annette Marie. This series was something you can say beyond awesome. In this last book, Ash and Piper are on their final mission to save the draconian from Asphodel somewhere out of reach of Samael. Piper found a lost city of draconian where a dragon attacked them and tried to force Ash to obey his command. Ash’s condition is getting worse after the attack. Piper is confused. And there they found out some more draconian who now after listening to everything happening with Ash, decided to kill him.

Survival is the basic instinct that runs in the daemon’s blood. The dragon has his own reasons that nobody knows. Ash is forced to go with the dragon and Piper has one last fair chance to save Ash from this destruction of his soul. She went to Overworld to find more about this dragon and ask Shinryu to stop his brother (sister of the dragon) Tenryu from making all this mess.

The final call came when the dragon decided to fight against Samael as he is the greatest threat to the magic in all the worlds. A final battle of survival between Reapers and draconian, a final knockout between Samael and Ash. Sahar is just another trouble that can be more damage than advantage to Piper. But there is a lot more that Sahar has done and how can she be saved!

This novel is just as rapid as thrilled as any other novel in the series. You won’t be able to put it down. Annette has created the world beautifully and the characters are developed amazingly. I was really shocked at all the revelation about Lyre’s character that cute incubus is hell more than what he may seem. Overall the book was just beyond awesome. I was expecting some grand ending for Ash n Piper like since she was dominated by water dragon and Ash by underworld dragon then there might have happened between them that could possibly be a union of Overworld and Underworld. Draconians could have gotten some great benefits from Ryujins and such things. But still, the book was so good that one can just couldn’t put it down!

Review: Reap The Shadows

Fast paced, and one of its kind series “Steel and Stone” has really caught me off guard. The fourth book in the series Reap the Shadows began the journey where Piper left Ash in overworld to heal and came back to earth to find Lyre and Seiya. She didn’t want Ash to track her anymore so she left her tracker in Overworld. The decision was tough but maybe she was left with no other choice after seeing Ash being stabbed because of her. She came to earth to find out that the situation is getting worse with each day. She tried to find out a hidden entrance to Ra embassy. Raum found Piper and handed over Keiv to her. Another daemon to protect! 

After Ash’s return, he was furious at Piper for leaving her behind without any sign of her. Together they rescue Lyre and Seiya. The tension between Piper and Ash was not hidden from Lyre.

Finally, Piper come up with the theory that Hades are somehow involved with Gaians and supporting them to build their way to earth and it must be stopped. Decisions are made, even thw rough and difficult ones! The tension between Ash and Piper seems to get resolved with each passing day.

I really enjoyed reading this whole book specifically. The chemistry, developing trust between Ash and Piper was just mind blowing! The character development, new secrets of Lyre made it too curious. I would suggest this book to everyone who loves fantasy and enjoy reading some fast paced action driven reads.

Liberty Books: Online Book Bazar

Being a bookholic, I am always looking forward to sale and books on cheap prices that can satiate my appetite for reading. This is why Liberty Book’s online largest Book Bazar caught my eye. The two things that were enough for me were 1. There was up to 50% discount 2. It was online! Perfect for a person as lazy as me! 

So, I was searching and scrolling through the books available on this grand sale. I must say that there were many books to choose from, but usually nonfiction. Since, I was looking for some good business nonfiction reads, it was a perfect moment to get my hands on some books because usually these books are so costly!

My favorite way to purchase a book is to go through synopsis and description of the book. Liberty Book’s website provide a sneak peek of most of the books so its easier for me to decide whether I wanna buy. I ordered three books out of which only two were delivered because one went out of stock and it broke my heart. So here is the list of books I ordered.

Coopetition by Adam M. Brandenburger

This book is related to some serious business and game theory applied on making decision in business. I really loved the theme of this book as I have studied game theory and I’m intended to read this book sooner. 

the synopsis available on goodreads is:

Now available in paperback, with an all new Reader’s guide, “The New York Times” and “Business Week” bestseller “Co-opetition” revolutionized the game of business. With over 40,000 copies sold and now in its 9th printing, “Co-opetition” is a business strategy that goes beyond the old rules of competition and cooperation to combine the advantages of both. “Co-opetition” is a pioneering, high profit means of leveraging business relationships.Intel, Nintendo, American Express, Nutrasweet, American Airlines, and dozens of other companies have been using the strategies of co-opetition not only to win but to make it possible for the industry as a whole to grow. Formulating strategies based on game theory, authors Brandenburger and Nalebuff created a book that’s insightful and instructive for managers eager to move their companies into a new mind set. 
The Miracle of Human Creation by Harun Yahya

This book is related to the human birth and the descriptions available in Quran. This book describes the scientific study of human creation in the light of Quran. This topic is really beautiful as I am really keen to learn more about this subject. I ordered this book as well. 

The synopsis is:

Even within hours of the time when it is fertilised by the sperm, the egg divides and grows very quickly. Today we know that the baby undergoes three stages of embryonic development while it is in the mother’s womb. But this information, which it has taken long years of research to attain with the help of modern technology, was made known in the Qur’an 1400 years ago. These scientific facts are revealed in this verse: 
… He creates you stage by stage in your mothers’ wombs in a threefold darkness. That is God, your Lord. Sovereignty is His. There is no god but Him. So what has made you turn away from Him? (Qur’an, 39: 6)
Beyond Re-engineering by Michael Hammer

Since I’m a Process Improvement Analyst by profession, I was so keen to read this book but unfortunately Liberty Books went out of stock and I couldn’t get this book *cries* The synopsis is as follows:

In 1990, Michael Hammer introduced the world to reengineering and set in motion a series of events that has transformed the business world beyond recognition. What began as an effort to improve performance has led to a complete rethinking of all aspects of business, from the jobs that people have to the ways in which companies are structured. In Beyond Reengineering, Hammer offers powerful insights into the consequences of the reengineering revolution and how they are changing our work and our lives.
To succeed — or even to survive — in today’s global economy, companies must refocus and reorganize themselves around their processes: the end-to-end sequences of tasks that create customer value. This change, so easily described, in fact, marks the end of the Industrial Revolution and of the organizations that were designed for it. The process-centered organization is a complete break with the past. It means the end of narrow jobs, rigid hierarchies, supervisory management, traditional career paths and feudal cultures. It ushers in a world of professionals and coaches, process owners and results-based pay, boundaryless organizations and an institutionalized capacity for change. In this groundbreaking work, Hammer mines the experiences of individuals and organizations that already have made this transition to offer a compelling vision of an imminent future

Beyond Reengineering provides more than a preview of tomorrow’s businesses. It also offers an understanding of what we must all do to prepare ourselves and our children for an economy in which all the familiar rules have been broken. It is required reading for executives and front-line workers, for students and investors, for everyone who wants to be prepared for the new world that is at our doorstep. 
Liberty Books has taken a great initiative and I’m looking forward for more such events hosted by them as people who are book lover like me would definitely appreciate such efforts.