Being a bookworm, I think I have actually started behaving like a worm. God! I am just not reading much these days and I am hating myself for this. The recent book I proudly finished was “Warm Bodies” By Isaac Marion. First thing, this book was totally out of my usual readings i.e. simple sweet drama! I have never read about zombies and stuff but I wanted to give it a try, and to my good luck I was not disappointed at all. The only thing creepy in here was telling how he was chewing the brain and stuff, well what else I should expect from a zombie here *roll eyes*. The plot was beautifully created and the book was very well written as it was not exaggerated nor expanded.

The character R, means our Mr. Zombie was although creepy but cute in his own way. Why do boys are obliged to be cute even if they are zombies!! *giggles* but yeah he is a zombie but has not forgotten his some of the humanly traits that bound him with Julie as he ate his boyfriend’s brain.. ewww bad zombie!! But then this bad zombie turns into a good guy and try to protect Julie going out of the way as much as he could and beyond! Not telling the whole summary over here but yeah you can talk to me about this book as long as you like and I’m not gonna get bored !

The concept was great, the character building was awesome and so the whole book was good enough to read and I really enjoyed my time reading it. So, people who are into zombie stuff and wanna read some more about romance they should dig into this book. My overall rating for this book gonna be 4.5 so if you haven’t read it yet and trust my words, then go and give it a try. Best of luck!

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2 thoughts on “Review: WARM BODIES

  1. Wow. Didn’t know there is a book on this.

    I have seen the movie and you will get to see the whole nine yards from the directors point of view.

    Nevertheless I totally agree that watching a movie and reading a book on same story are two in comparable experiences.


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