Review: Me Before You

Hey there everybody! I hope you guys are doing fine in your lives. Well, this is the time I wanna share my experiences I had, while reading Me Before You. So, the story begins when I just joined Instagram and this little red riding hood had filled my feed and made me feel like I’m so lonely without this book, So I had no choice but to get it as soon as possible. Then, again due to my hectic routine I was unable to touch this book but soon it was time.. the very time I was waiting to hold this beauty in my hands and devour its essence.

So, I began. The initial chapters were cool, I liked the stupid get-up of Clark that she kept. The story was going on smoothly unless the past of Clark was exposed. The reason behind why she was like that. And I was so shocked that I wanna know every bit of her life. Soon, the story became so intriguing that I couldn’t live without knowing how it ends.

The character of Lou defines any average girl who is responsible enough that she took care of her whole family including her sister with whom she had love-hate relationship. The way she kept on sacrificing shows her inner strength and soft heart. The chatter-box, loving, caring and all in one package with some extra-ordinary dressing sense. Its really hard to ignore, right?

Then, there comes Will Traynor, Handsome Richie rich who had everything once in his life, and one accident just took everything from him. His silence, rudeness, everything to keep everyone off from him. Being paralyzed is not what he has even had a nightmare of. But the charm of Lou literally blew his mind.

All that I missed in the story was more about Will’s thought. What he kept on thinking while he was silent. Otherwise the novel was a complete package of emotions, love, tragedy and everything we could count on.

The ending brought tears in my eyes and I literally cry out loud.. Oh that’s embarrassing but yeah I did.. Its rare that I cried like that. But this novel seriously did that to my heart. It made me laugh, cry, excited, nervous, anxious and every emotion that I was unable to express same as the characters.

And here are some of my favorite quotes from the book. I hope you guys gonna like it. do share your views about the book and how much it affected you.

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