Review: Fangirl

Hello everyone,so this is my very very first complete review about the book that I have just finished recently. So fangirl is the book I was so obssessed about, like I literally dreamed reading it all way long in my dreams .. yeah that sort of obssessed. And finally when I grabbed the copy, I was so eager to read it..

So, here I start reading fangirl.. the beginning seems to be quite slow as the story finally set its pace and I was just so indulge in the two characters of Cath and Levi..

Being an introvert plus a fangirl are not an easy task. I can feel for you Cath, really.. but I really loved how the story just not revolved in the one thing that’d fangirling. It captures the emotions of Cath really very well and how she found it hard to keep balance between two of her lives. How being a fan of Simon and Baz kept her from writing something with her own world.

Besides her internal challenges, she was forced to live on her own by her twin.. a kind of life that an introvert has in nightmares and there comes Levi to rescue our primcess Cath.. oh please Levi she is our princess as well.. lol.. he showed her some true and beautiful colors of friendship and fell in love with her.. I literally love the way he used to ask him to read for him.. that’s something I really really adored..

So for people who dont want much drama and simple read can surely go for fangirl and enjoy some great time with this book

Lastly, I would love to include some of my favourite quotes from fangirl

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